When Hope Meets Fate (Myth of Oedipus)

In the piece, I used digital modeling language to connect to the aspects of the story that are seemingly variable or changing. In the beginning, his vision was filled with hope, and so I used wire-frame which is often my indication of the sense’s malleable perception of reality. This is contrasted against the empty eye socket when he is older, hollow of any hope or change, and a representation Oedipus’ action of gouging out his eyes in shame at the end of the story. This transition from young to old was also represented through an extrusion process in the software. I feel the tension and slight gestural change elicited the feeling of time passing and again, ties to another variable and malleable aspect of our reality. The print layers that I left exposed in both digital signatures I feel also had a sort of sedimentary and stacked look, that reminds me of the visible aging of stone.